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One of the main causes of pollution, is from cars.
a) clouds
b) mess
c) smoke
d) exhaust

Scientists are increasingly worried about the hole in the ozone .
a) layer
b) cover
c) blanket
d) level

The weather around the world is changing because of warming.
a) world
b) inernational
c) global
d) worldwide

Recycling is good, so don't throw bottles and newspapers with your regular rubbish.
a) away
b) back
c) off
d) past

It's very difficult to recycle things here. The nearest bottle is miles away.
a) collection
b) bank
c) point
d) deposit

We're quickly using all the world's natural resources. If we don't slow down, there will soon be severe shortages.
a) away
b) off
c) out
d) up

Many animals are dying out because we are destroying their natural .
a) habits
b) habitats
c) habitations
d) inhabitants

A lot of supermarkets are starting to offer foods that were not grown using pesticides or chemical fertilisers.
a) natural
b) organic
c) free range
d) nutritious

One of the best ways of protecting the world's resources is to avoid water and electricity.
a) missing
b) wasting
c) using
d) losing

There still isn't a safe way of storing high-level nuclear from power plants.
a) waste
b) fallout
c) dumps
d) ashes

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