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Carbon dioxide and methane are examples of gases that can be trapped in the atmosphere and cause problems. What term best describes these two?
a) Greenhouse gases
b) global warming
c) pollution
d) ozone

Which of the following is not a possible result of increases in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
a) The air will be much cleaner
b) Drastic changes in termperature
c) More harmful pollutants in the air making breathing harder
d) Sea level will rise from melting ice caps

Recent evidence indicates that there are holes in different parts of the ozone layer. Which of the following is one way this change would most effect the Earth??
a) More of sun\'s direct sunlight can reach the surface and harm humans.
b) Less oxygen would be available for humans.
c) Greater amount of precipitation can occur.
d) More birds can fly into space and become space debris.

If you were to give advice to someone to best help the atmosphere, which would be the best piece of advice to give him or her?
a) Try to carpool or ride a bike more so there is less pollutants in the air.
b) Try to use water filters to keep water purified
c) Try to recycle to keep solid trash out of landfills.
d) Try to use more electricity because the light will help the pollutant reflect away from earth.

Three of the following are correct reasons why not all of the sun\'s energy that enters the Earth\'s atmosphere leaves back out. Which of the following is not of those
a) All of it does return to space
b) some is absorbed by land and water
c) some is absorbed by plants and animals
d) Some is used to heat the air

How do convenction currents relate to the atmosphere?
a) the currents help maintain a proper temperature on Earth
b) the currents prevent too much carbon from entering the atmosphere
c) the current keep air from moving
d) the currents control the flight pattern of birds

Energy from the sun is mostly absorbed by
a) Earth's land and water
b) humans
c) the atmosphere
d) cows

Which type of energy transfer is most associated with the sun rays entering the Earth's atmosphere?
a) convenction
b) conduction
c) radiation
d) touching

The Coriolos effect influences wind movement because of
a) the rotation of the Earth on its axis
b) the movement of water around the Earth
c) the tilt of the earth
d) the absorption of the sun's energy on Earth

When warm air rises in the atmosphere it is caused by
a) convection currents
b) conduction currents
c) radiation
d) Coriolos effect

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