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Whose death triggered WWI?
a) Archduke Ferdiand
b) Mrs. Garside
c) Winston Churchill
d) Woodrow Wilson

Which of the following were in the Central Powers group?
a) England
b) Germany
c) Russia
d) USA

What document blamed Germany for WWI?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) 14 points plan
c) Communist Manfesto
d) The treaty of Versailles

Reparations forced Germany to do what?
a) Build up their armies
b) Choose and new leader
c) Pay for the war
d) Make alliances with the US

Where were most of the troops in France located?
a) Trenches
b) Cities
c) Ships
d) Aircraft

What was the name oft he Military group involved with the death of the Archduke?
a) Weathermen
b) Taliban
c) Black Hand
d) Nazis

Who was at the bottom of the class structure in Russia before the Revolution of 1917?
a) Serfs
b) Czar
c) Priests
d) Nobility

Lenin believed in what type of government?
a) Democracy
b) Communist
c) Socialist
d) Anarchy

Adolf Hitler and Mussolini were both what type of ruler
a) Monarchs
b) Presidents
c) Anarchist
d) Dictators

To have great pride in your country is called what?
a) Nationalism
b) Democracy
c) Alliances
d) Dictatorship

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