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Which uses the most energy in American Homes each year?
a) lighting
b) water heating
c) heating and cooling room
d) refrigeration

The US consume lots of energy, Which fuel provides the most?
a) petroleum
b) coal
c) natural gas
d) solar

Coal, petroleum, natural gas, and propane are fossil fuels. They are called “fossil fuels” because:
a) they are burned to release energy and they cause air pollution.
b) they were formed from the buried remains of plants and tiny animals that lived hundreds of millio
c) they are nonrenewable and will run out.
d) they are mixed with fossils to provide energy.

Gasonlie is produced by refing which fossil fuel?
a) natural gas
b) coal
c) petroleum
d) propane

Propane is used instead of natural gas on many farms and in rural areas. Why is propane often used instead of natural gas?
a) It's safer
b) its portable
c) its cleaner
d) its cheaper

Global warming focuses on an increase in the level of which gas in the atmosphere?
a) ozone
b) sulfure dioxide
c) carbon dioxide
d) nitrous oxide

Natural gas is transported by
a) pipeline
b) trucks
c) barhes
d) all three

What sector of the US economy consumes the most of nations petroleum?
a) residential
b) commercial
c) industrial
d) transportation

Electrical energy can be produced from
a) mechanical energy
b) All of the aboce
c) Radiant Energy
d) Chemical Energy

Most of the energy we use originally came from
a) the sun
b) The Oceans
c) The soil
d) the air

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