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Uses ultrasound machines, magnetic resonance imagers, and other high-tech equipment to help dx and tx illnesses and injuries
a) Imaging Technologist
b) Phlebotomist
c) Radiologist
d) Chiropractor

Treats problems associated with the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems. Adjust the spinal cord and other body joints to correct alignments
a) Chiropractor
b) Radiologist
c) Massage Therapist
d) Phlebotomist

Examines specimens of body tissue, fluids, and secretions to dx. disease.
a) Radiologist
b) Pathologist
c) Phlebotomist
d) Laboratory Assistant

Studies demographic data in the relation to the total number of diseases occuring in human populations.
a) Microbiologist
b) Immunologist
c) Epidemiologist
d) Pathologist

Produces Two-D images of internal organs using sound waves at high frequency
a) Electrocardiograph Technologist
b) Physicist
c) Forensic Pathologist
d) Sonographer

Draws blood from patients for testing purposes. Usually works under the supervision of medical technologists or laboratory managers.
a) Phlebotomist
b) Pathologist
c) Laboratory Scientist
d) Biochemists

Help clients to overcome bad habits and treat emotional problems.
a) Hypnotherapists
b) Acupuncturists
c) Massage Therapists
d) Biochemists

Professionals who specialize in the tx. of mental and emotional disorders. They study human behavior and mental processes.
a) Psychologists
b) Psychiatrits
c) Forensic Pathologist
d) Hypnotherapists

Organize, analyze, and generate data relating to patient records.
a) Medical records personnel
b) Immunologist
c) Acupuncturists
d) Epidemiologist

Coordinate services, hiring and training of personnel. Establish policies and procedures of a facility.
a) Medical Records personnel
b) Health Service Administrators
c) Laboratory Assistant
d) Pathologist

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