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In addition to oxygen, which gases make up the largest percentage of Earth’s atmosphere?
a) hydrogen, helium, and water vapor
b) hydrogen, methane, and ozone
c) carbon dioxide, water vapor, and nitrogen
d) carbon dioxide, methane, and helium

As altitude increases, air pressure
a) decreases
b) increase
c) stays the same
d) none of the above

Which example best demonstrates the process of conduction?
a) A piece of paper is torn in half.
b) A metal spoon gets warm when used to stir hot soup.
c) Warmed air rises above a lit candle.
d) Sunlight brightens a dark room

Which term refers to the atmospheric conditions that prevail from season to season and year to year at a certain location?
a) weather
b) climate
c) equilibrium
d) ecosystem

Energy from the Sun reaches Earth mainly by the process of
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) condensation

How is heat energy transferred within the liquid water in the pond?
a) compound formation
b) chemical reactions
c) convection currents
d) nuclear reactions

Earth’s weather is primarily caused by the
a) drifting of Earth’s crustal plates
b) gravitational attraction of the Moon
c) changing distance between Earth and the Sun
d) uneven heating of Earth’s surface

The surface of Earth is covered by a relatively thin layer of water called the
a) crust
b) mantle
c) hydrosphere
d) atmosphere

Which weather event usually includes heavy precipitation, strong winds, and surface air temperatures below 0°C?
a) blizzard
b) thunderstorm
c) hurricane
d) tornado

Which process must occur for clouds to form?
a) erosion
b) conduction
c) precipitation
d) condensation

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