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Which word means exact?
a) accurate
b) accustomed
c) haphazardly
d) maestro

Which word means in a disroderly way?
a) accustomed
b) accurate
c) haphazardly
d) dispersal

Which word means familar with or used to?
a) meaning
b) peon
c) accurate
d) accustomed

Which word means supreme or greatest?
a) transfer
b) ultimate
c) collapse
d) dispersal

Which word means a master of an art and especially of music?
a) maestro
b) temptations
c) peon
d) accurate

Which word means the act of being tempted especially to evil?
a) generous
b) mocking
c) unbearable
d) temptations

Which word means something that is put up for a purpose?
a) facilities
b) dispersal
c) maestro
d) haphazardly

Which word means to desert someone?
a) wavering
b) mocking
c) abandoned
d) burly

Which word means someone in rage?
a) fuming
b) anxiety
c) lurking
d) dreary

Which word means to frown or sneer?
a) intact
b) imitating
c) scowled
d) confidence

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