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Japanese warriors followed a strict set of rules called...
a) Daimyo
b) Bushido
c) Chivalry
d) Kamikaze

Some important Chinese trade products were.
a) Books, movable type, and grain
b) Woodblocks, spices, and salt
c) Silk and porcelain
d) Jewels, spices and cotton

Which Chinese thinker believed that peace and stability could be brought to China if all people treated one another with respect?
a) Confucius
b) Tang Taizong
c) Tokugawa Ieyasu
d) Timur

A system in which government officials are chosen based on their abilities...
a) Merit system
b) Caste system
c) Democracy
d) Feudalism

A government system in which poor people are legally bound to work for wealthy land owners.
a) Feudalism
b) Democracy
c) Merit system
d) Caste system

The most powerful lord in Japan was the _______, or supreme military commander.
a) Shogun
b) Samurai
c) Sultan
d) Akbar

A series of rulers from one family is a...
a) Dynasty
b) Sultan
c) Shogun
d) Caste

The Mongol that conquered China...
a) Kublai Khan
b) Genghis Khan
c) Akbar
d) Tang Taizong

A Hindu social class system that controlled every aspect of daily life
a) Caste system
b) Merit system
c) Feudalism
d) Democracy

Which one of these belief systems has a belief in many gods who are all different aspects of one supreme being?
a) Hinduism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Feudalism

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