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The study of how species change over time is known as
a) Genetics
b) Biology
c) Evolution
d) Ecology

The father of evolution is
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Jean Lamarck
c) Robert Hooke
d) Charles Darwin

Which of the following best defines natural selection?
a) Traits acquired by an organism during its lifetime are passed on to its offspring
b) Organisms that require less space are successful
c) Organisms with traits that are best suited to their environment produce more offspring
d) Large organisms tend to survive longer than smaller organisms

The teeth of carnivores are pointed and are good for puncturing and ripping flesh. The teeth of herbivores are flat and are good for grinding and chewing. Which statement best expl
a) The two types of teeth most likely evolved as a result of natural selection
b) Carnivores have evolved from herbivores
c) The two type sof teeth most likely evolved as a results of the needs of an organisms
d) Herbivores have evolved from carnivores

Over time, the available nutrients in the soil of one ecosystem decreases. Which adaption is most likely to develop in the plant species that live in that soil?
a) plants with bigger flowers
b) plants with deeper roots
c) plants that demand less water
d) taller plants

An example of variation is the following:
a) Most polar bear are white
b) A dog and cat that both have stripes
c) Some of an insect's offspring have spots, and some are one color
d) I am wearing grey pants and you are wearing brown pants

Groups of organisms that are better fit for withstanding harsh environmental conditions are more likely to survive than groups of organisms that are not as fit for the environment.
a) genetic mutation
b) natural selection
c) equilibrium
d) biodiversity

Individuals better suited for their environment will
a) live long lives but produce no offspring
b) have high mutation rates
c) not survive
d) live and pass on their traits to their offspring

Adaptations can be defined as:
a) helpful variations that improve an organisms change for survival and reproduction
b) helpful variations that kill an organism
c) changes in an environment to suit an organism
d) harmful variations

A fish that can reproduce and raise more babies because it can catch more food is an example of
a) Fitness
b) Species
c) Population
d) Genetics

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