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What was the name of the scientist that first proposed the theory of continental drift?
a) Isaac Newton
b) Alfred Wegener
c) Albert Einstein
d) Lewis Bohr

The “supercontinent” that existed over 200 million years ago is called ______________________.
a) Laurasia
b) Mesosaurus
c) Pangaea
d) None of the above

Which of the following pieces of evidence does NOT support the theory of plate tectonics?
a) The continents look like they fit together like a puzzle
b) Mountain ranges match where continental crust was once connected
c) Some plates have both continental and oceanic crust
d) Fossils of the Mesosaurus can be found on separate continents

Fossils of the fern Glossopteris have been found in Africa, Australia, South America, and Antarctica. How do scientists explain this observation?
a) The wind blew the seeds across the oceans from continent to continent.
b) The fern developed independently on each continent.
c) The continents were at one time joined together and then moved apart.
d) There was a mistake made

How do plates move over time?
a) Volcanoes and earthquakes cause plates to move
b) Convection currents in the asthenosphere cause lithospheric plates to move
c) Convection currents in the Earth’s core cause plates in the mantle to move
d) Radiation from the center of the Earth heats the plates

What type of heat transfer causes the movement of tectonic plates?
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Radiation
d) Electromagnetic waves

Geologists think that the movement of earth's plates is caused by
a) some unknown force
b) ocean currents
c) convection currents in the Earth’s mantle
d) heat from the sun

Continental drift is a theory. This means that:
a) It has been proven
b) It's only a guess
c) We have a lost evidence but it can not be proven
d) It is a fact

The type of evidence that was used for continental drift included
a) Fossils
b) Geology
c) Climat
d) All of the above

Pangaea existed
a) Millions of years ago
b) Hundred of years ago
c) Billions of years ago
d) Never

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