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The smallest blood vessels, which come into direct contact with all cells in the body, are called
a) veins
b) arteries
c) lymph ducts
d) capillaries

______________ is a protein that transports oxygen throughout the body. It is found in red blood cells.
a) hemoglobin
b) plasmin
c) insulin
d) lymphocyte

Which of these is not part of the circulatory system?
a) heart
b) lungs
c) blood vessels
d) blood

Which of these helps the immune system fight disease?
a) red blood cells
b) white blood cells
c) plasma
d) heart

The heart pumps ____________ blood (from the lungs) through the body to the cells.
a) deoxygenated
b) iron-rich
c) oxygenated
d) clean

_____________ move blood away from the heart to the body cells while __________ move blood toward the heart.
a) arteries; veins
b) veins; arteries
c) capillaries; arteries
d) veins; capillaries

The atria and ventricles are parts of your
a) heart
b) veins
c) arteries
d) lungs

__________ in the heart prevent blood from flowing backward.
a) pacemakers
b) valves
c) atria
d) blood pressures

Nutrients from the digestive system are absorbed into the blood in the villi of the _____________ then sent to the cells that need them.
a) stomach
b) large intestine
c) esophagus
d) small intestine

A diet low in _______________ fat can reduce your chances of heart disease.
a) unsaturated
b) saturated
c) all
d) salty

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