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Which of the following is not part of the mass media?
a) Telephone
b) Newspaper
c) TV
d) Radio

The way the President and Vice President are elected is called the...?
a) The White House
b) Senate and House of Representatives
c) Electoral College
d) U.S. Capital Buildng

The number of votes a state has in the electoral college is based on?
a) How many people voted
b) Who is president
c) Which party won the popular vote
d) its Congressional representation

The state lawmaking process takes place in the...?
a) Office of the Governor
b) Attorney General's Office
c) General Assembly
d) U.S. Senate

Which level of government has the power to conduct foreign policy, regulate commerce, and provide for the common defense?
a) National
b) State
c) Local
d) Regional

An organization with the purpose of raising money to elect or defeat candidates is called a...?
a) PAC (Political Actions Committee)
b) PAC (Progressive Action Congress)
c) PBC (Political Behavior Committee)
d) PACC (Poor Angry Citizens Committee)

Which of the following describes the principle of federalism?
a) the separation of powers among the 3 branches of government
b) the division of power between national and state government
c) a bicameral legislative branch of government
d) a system of checks and balances

Which statement best demonstrates how the high cost of getting elected has changed campaigning for public office?
a) There are too many annoying campaign ads
b) There's low voter turnout
c) Televised debates interrupt favorite weekly programs
d) Wealthy candidates have an advantage

What is the law making body of the U.S. government?
a) House of Representatives and the Senate
b) House of Delegates and the Senate
c) House of Senators
d) Senators and Lawmakers

What did the VA Constitution establish?
a) the first English colony
b) the state of VA's form of government
c) the model for the U.S. Constitution
d) the VA Declaration of Rights

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