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The excretory system removes poisonous wastes from the
a) blood
b) kidneys
c) brain
d) digestive system

The body's water balance is also maintained by the excretory system. This balance is called
a) stasis
b) balance
c) homeostasis
d) stimulus and response

The basic filtering units of the kidney is the
a) neuron
b) neurology
c) nephron
d) nephrology

Urine is excreted from the body through the
a) kidney
b) urethra
c) ureter
d) bladder

Ideally (if you are taking in enough water), urine should be
a) orange
b) green
c) yellow
d) clear

_______________ is a method by which a machine filters the blood of people with nonfunctional kidneys.
a) dialysis
b) transplant
c) donation
d) homeostasis

Many people die every year while waiting on organ transplants, most commonly waiting for a __________.
a) heart
b) liver
c) kidney
d) bladder

_______________ is a toxic compound made when amino acids are used for energy. It is excreted in urine.
a) urea
b) uric acid
c) Euripides
d) Uranus

_____________ lead urine from the kidneys to the _______________.
a) urethra; ureters
b) bladders; ureters
c) bladders; urethra
d) ureters; bladder

Activity of the kidneys is controlled by the composition of the blood as well as by regulatory ____________.
a) hormones
b) kidney stones
c) nerves
d) muscles

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