Imperfecto Vs Preterito Question Preview (ID: 13728)

Cuando Usar El Preterito O El Imperfecto. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

My sister played volleyball yesterday
a) jugaba
b) jugo
c) jugaste
d) jugabas

My sister used to play volleyball every fall.
a) jugaba
b) jugo
c) jugaste
d) jugabas

I was studying when I heard a scream.
a) estudie, escuchaba
b) estudiaba, escuchaba
c) estudiaba, escuche
d) estudie, escuche

This afternoon, first I ate a salad and then I went to class.
a) comi, fui
b) comia, iba
c) comia, fui
d) comia, iba

Every summer we used to visit my grandparents and then go to the beach.
a) visitabamos, fuimos
b) visitamos, fuimos
c) visitamos, ibamos
d) visitabamos, ibamos

Often we were paying attention in class.
a) ponemos atencion
b) pusimos atencion
c) poniamos atencion
d) ponabas atencion

It was January 16, 1987 and it was raining a lot.
a) fue, llovia
b) era, llovia
c) era lluvio
d) fue lluvio

She was a kind, sweet girl.
a) era
b) fue
c) estaba
d) estuvo

Three years ago we went to Yellowstone and saw a bear.
a) ibamos, vimos
b) ibamos, veiamos
c) fuimos, veiamos
d) fuimos, vimos

It was snowing hard when I crashed my car.
a) nevaba, chocaba
b) nevaba, choque
c) nevo, choque
d) nevo, chocaba.

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