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In the first half of the 20th century, literacy tests, poll taxes, and grandfather clauses were passed by the southern states in order to;
a) Help pay for the growing New Deal programs
b) Deny suffrage to African-Americans
c) End the Reconstruction Era
d) Deny suffrage to women

The Supreme Court's decision in Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) basically legalized;
a) housing discrimination against ethnic groups
b) preventing people from voting based on race
c) the segregation of people according to race
d) discrimination of women in the workplace

Which statement BEST describes the "Leo Frank Case"?
a) It involved the lynching of a Jewish man by a mob in Cobb County
b) It involved the lynching of a Black man by a mob in Fulton County
c) It allowed the death penalty to resume in Georgia and around the US
d) It caused the death penalty to be halted in GA and around the US

The County Unit System resulted in Georgia politicians doing most of their campaigning,
a) In north Georgia
b) Outside of Georgia
c) In the urban areas of Georgia
d) In the rural areas of Georgia

As a Populist Georgia politician, Tom Watson would have been MOST likely to support causes of;
a) Farmers and the working class
b) bankers
c) African-American and immigrants
d) Industrialists

Which of the following would have been favored by such “New South” advocates as Henry Grady?
a) Eliminating tariffs on imported goods
b) Electing more black people to public office
c) Increasing industrialization by using local resources
d) Enforcing increased agricultural development

Which Reconstruction era organization worked to improve conditions for the newly-freed African-Americans?
a) The Ku Klux Klan
b) The NAACP
c) The Freedman's Bureau
d) The American Missionary Association

The Constitutional amendment that prohibited denying voting rights to people based on race or color is the;
a) 12th Amendment
b) 13th Amendment
c) 14th Amendment
d) 15th Amendment

Which of these would have been a goal of the Ku Klux Klan in the south during Reconstruction?
a) Making sure Reconstruction went smoothly
b) Assisting the scalawags and carpetbaggers
c) Ensuring that freedom had the right to vote
d) Restoring southern Democrats to political power

State and local elections in the south in 1876 differed from those in previous years in that;
a) African-American candidates won numerous local and state offices
b) Women were allowed to vote for the first time
c) Republican party candidates were soundly defeated by the Democrats
d) Candidates from the Know-Nothing party seized control of most state governments.

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