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A geologist found 600-year-old sediments below a particular rock layer. Which will the geologist most likely find above the rock layer?
a) 450-year-old sediments
b) 600-year-old sediments
c) 650-year-old sediments
d) 1,000-year-old sediments

On a geological dig, two fossil samples were found in different rock layers in the same area. One fossil was found in a rock layer that was located below the other.Which can be concluded about the relative ages of the fossils?
a) The fossil found in the lower layer is older than the one found above it.
b) The fossils were found in the same area, so they are the exact same age.
c) The fossil found in the lower layer is younger than the one found above it.
d) The fossils are different ages, but it cannot be determined which is older or younger.

Which best describes a fossil that helps determine the relative age of a rock layer?
a) trace fossil
b) index fossil
c) radioactive fossil
d) unconformity fossil

Which characteristic of carbon-14 dating helps scientists determine the approximate time a species became extinct?
a) Carbon-14 is not present in more recent fossils.
b) Carbon-14 increases at a constant rate over time.
c) Carbon-14 decreases at a constant rate over time.
d) Carbon-14 can only be found in fossils of a certain period.

Which makes a good index fossil?
a) a fossil not commonly found in rocks
b) a fossil that lived throughout geologic time
c) a fossil that lived during three geologic time periods
d) a fossil that lived during only one geologic time period

Which isotope has been most often used to determine the age of fossils in the past 50,000 years?
a) argon-40
b) carbon-14
c) uranium-238
d) potassium-40

A rock sample has 25% of its original radioactive element and the half-life of the element is 1 million years. How old is the sample?
a) 500,000 years old
b) 1 million years old
c) 2 million years old
d) 3 million years old

An undisturbed rock column contains a fossil of a reptile species in the lowest rock layer, an index fossil that was present 1 million years ago in the middle rock layer, and a fossil of a clam species in the top rock layer. Which statement is most l
a) The index fossil formed when a desert habitat made rock layers in the column.
b) There was a marine habitat over one million years ago that formed rock layers in the column.
c) There was a desert habitat before a marine habitat that formed the rock layers in the column.
d) There was a desert habitat more recently than one million years ago that formed rock layers in the c

A scientist finds an index fossil in layers of rock in both Africa and South America. What does this indicate about the ages of the rocks?
a) The African rock is older.
b) The South American rock is older.
c) The rocks are younger than the fossils.
d) The rocks are approximately the same age.

Which is the most accurate method used in determining the age of a fossil?
a) relative dating
b) geologic column
c) radioactive dating
d) law of superposition

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