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Jack bought a small turtle. Three months later, the turtle had grown to twice its original size. Which of the following statements best describes why Jack’s turtle got bigger?
a) Parts of the turtle stretched out as it grew larger.
b) The size of each cell in the turtle’s body got bigger as it got older.
c) The turtle’s body absorbed the food it ate and water it drank.
d) The number of cells in the turtle’s body increased.

Genetic engineering in corn allows genes from bacteria to be added to the genetic material of corn. What is one risk of genetically engineering corn plants?
a) decreases the amount of pesticide needed to grown corn.
b) decreases the number of corn plants a farmer can grow in a season
c) increases the chance of adding a trait to corn that causes allergies
d) increases the length of time corn can be stored before it rots

How did the work of Gregor Mendel change the scientific explanation about how traits were inherited?
a) Mendel showed that every trait is controlled by two inherited elements.
b) Mendel showed that tiny particles from every part of the body of each parent became blended.
c) Mendel showed that traits skip a generation and are inherited grandparent to grandchild.
d) Mendel showed that an organism contains miniature forms of its future offspring.

Which is the best example of cell division for the purpose of repair?
a) Cells of an embryo multiply after fertilization.
b) Bacterial cells divide in a moist environment.
c) New skin forms at the site of a wound.
d) Lung cells multiply as lungs grows larger.

What is the purpose of mitosis in unicellular organisms?
a) repair of damaged organelles
b) destruction of foreign invaders
c) communication between organelles
d) reproduction of the organism

Which is the best example of cell division for the purpose of reproduction?
a) algae cells dividing
b) skin cells dividing
c) brain cells dividing
d) bone cells dividing

Where in the body does meiosis take place?
a) skin
b) brain
c) ovaries
d) kidneys

What is the purpose of meiosis in multicellular organisms?
a) reproduction
b) communication
c) immunity
d) cell growth

What is a purpose of mitosis in multicellular organisms?
a) production of sugars
b) reproduction of the organism
c) exchange of gases
d) replacement of dead cells

What is a purpose of cell division?
a) repair of a cell's genes
b) replacement of older cells
c) storage of wastes
d) transport of chemical signals

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