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The closer a planet is to the sun the
a) lower its speed
b) distance, speed and gravity are not related
c) lower the gravity
d) greater its speed

The larger the mass of the object, the __________ the gravity
a) greater
b) smaller
c) no relation between mass and gravity
d) no change in (stays constant)

What causes the tides?
a) the acceleration of the Earth in orbit around the Sun
b) the gravity between the Venus, the Earth, and Mars
c) differences in wind speed around the Earth
d) the gravity between the Earth and the moon

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System: it has as much mass as about 300 Earths! Venus is slightly smaller than Earth and has about the same mass. How does Jupiter's gravity compare to Venus?
a) Venus is closer to the Sun, so Venus has more gravity than Jupiter
b) Venus is more compact than Jupiter, so Venus has more gravity
c) Jupiter is more massive than Venus, so Jupiter has more gravity
d) Jupiter is farther from the Sun than Venus, so Jupiter has more gravity

Which of the following are the two factors that affect gravity?
a) acceleration and distance
b) mass and weight
c) weight and distance
d) mass and distance

There are many objects that are part of our Solar System including planets, moons, asteroids, and the Sun. Which of those objects has the greatest gravitational force?
a) asteroids
b) the Sun
c) moons
d) planets

As distance increases between two objects, gravity ______________.
a) increases
b) stays the same
c) decreases
d) is not affected

Which of the following is NOT true?
a) Gravitational pull is less on the moon than on the Earth
b) Gravitational pull is less on top of Mount Everest than at sea level
c) There is a greater gravitational pull on Jupiter than on Earth
d) There is no gravitational pull on the moon

As an object travels far away from Earth, her weight _____________.
a) decreases because gravity decreases
b) decreases because mass decreases
c) increases because gravity increases
d) remains the same because her mass remains the same

When gravitational forces and air resistance equalize on an object that is falling toward Earth and the object stops accelerating, what is the velocity of the object called?
a) resultant velocity
b) instantaneous velocity
c) terminal velocity
d) average velocity

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