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In any gear system, which gear turns the fastest?
a) the biggest
b) none of the above
c) the smallest
d) they all turn the same

Do gears that are the same size turn at the same rate?
a) yes
b) I don\'t know
c) maybe
d) no

If you push on a heavy item but it does not move, how much work has been done?
a) a lot of work
b) no work
c) a little work
d) too much work

A small force applied over a long distance is an example of....
a) invention
b) friction
c) effort
d) tradeoff

The only simple machine that does not move is the.....
a) inclined plane
b) wheel & axle
c) lever
d) screw

When a wedge is pushed down between objects, the objects...
a) press together
b) move apart
c) do not move
d) also move down

If you sprinkle a lubricant on an inclined plane, will moving the load take more force or less force?
a) less force
b) I don\'t know
c) it won\'t make a difference
d) more force

How do simple machines make work easier?
a) they don't
b) by doing all the work for us
c) by reducing friction
d) by reducing the amount of force needed to move a load

Do gears that are touching move in the same direction or in opposite directions?
a) opposite directions
b) they don\'t touch
c) they don\'t move
d) the same direction

What three things are needed for work to be done?
a) pencil, paper, dictionary
b) pulley, wedge, lever
c) object, force, motion
d) water, soap, towel

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