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Whose theory is known for evolution?
a) Darwin
b) One Direction
c) Einstein
d) Ellen DeGeneris

The definition of evolution is
a) a change in species over time as a result of changes in the environment
b) changes in the environment
c) the lack of mutations resulting in change
d) meiosis

What did Charles Darwin observe about the birds (finches) on Galapagos Island?
a) they had different beaks but many similar physical characteristics
b) they were able to fly long distances
c) their food was unhealthy
d) their feathers were the same color

Natural selection is
a) when traits that help organisms to live get passed on to offspring
b) mutations gone wild
c) predators or enemies
d) offspring and DNA evidence

Whales have bones they do not use anymore. What are these called?
a) vestigial structures
b) natural selection
c) evolution
d) homologous structures

Which animal would be most likely to survive if the food they eat was high up in the trees?
a) an animal with long legs and a long neck
b) an animal with short legs and a big mouth
c) an animal with short legs and a short neck
d) an animal with long legs and a short neck

A successful adaptation
a) helps an animal survive in their environment
b) leaves an animal more likely to be killed by a predator
c) leaves an animal vulnerable to the weather
d) is the animal's choice

What is an example of a structure within the body?
a) a bone
b) a disease
c) a virus
d) an infection

Homologous structures are
a) structures from a common ancestor or the same evolutionary origin
b) groups that mutate
c) categories of the dinosaur era
d) used to make fossils

A gene is
a) a segment of DNA that is responsible for physical and inheritable traits
b) a membrane of a cell
c) bacteria that grows inside the body
d) an external reaction to antibiotics

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