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Which statement about winter is true?
a) The days are long
b) The part of Earth that is in winter is tilted towards the Sun.
c) The slanted rays of the sun are weak
d) The nights are short

Seasons are a result of which of the following?
a) Earth\'s revolution
b) Earth\'s tilted axis and rotation
c) Earth\'s rotation
d) Earth\'s tilted axis and revolution

When the moon is waning, it appears to be getting___________.
a) Closer
b) farther away
c) larger
d) smaller

When the moon and sun are on opposite sides of Earth, a _________ moon occurs.
a) New
b) Full
c) Quarter
d) Gibbous

The reason it is colder in winter is because . . .
a) the Earth is closer to the sun.
b) the moon blocks the sun\'s rays making it colder.
c) the Earth is further from the sun.
d) indirect rays resulting from the tilt of the Earth

The earth rotates (spins) around an imaginary line called a(n) __________.
a) Orbit
b) Pole
c) Axis
d) Rotation

The spinning of earth around an imaginary line causes _________ and _________.
a) gravity and motion
b) night and day
c) seasons and weather
d) tides and moon phases

Which of the following statements are true?
a) The earth spins on its axis.
b) All of the above.
c) Both earth and the moon revolve around the sun.
d) The moon spins on its axis.

Which of the following takes the most amount of time?
a) Earth\'s rotation.
b) All take the same amount of time.
c) The moon\'s revolution
d) Earth\'s revolution

One _____________ of the earth is equal to ____ ________.
a) rotation, one day
b) rotation, one year
c) revolution, one day
d) revolution, one season

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