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Who is the father of genetics?
a) a scientist named Albert Einstein
b) a teacher named DJ Paradis
c) a monk named Gregor Mendel
d) an astronaut named Neil Armstrong

Which of the following is a Heterozygous trait?
a) Aa
b) BB
c) AA
d) aa

Which of the following is a homozygous recessive trait?
a) Aa
b) Tt
c) tt
d) TT

Which of the following is a person's genotype?
a) Tt
b) Medium
c) Short
d) Tall

Which of the following is a person's phenotype?
a) Tt
b) Tall
c) TT
d) tt

If P means no freckles and p means freckles... which kid below would have freckles
a) Pp
b) none of the kids would have freckles
c) PP
d) pp

If Dad Tt had a child with mom Tt what percent of their children will be short (tt)
a) 25 percent
b) 50 percent
c) none of them
d) 100 percent

Which of the following represents a purebred trait?
a) Xx
b) AA
c) Aa
d) Bb

Whose squares do we use figure out heredity?
a) Mendels
b) Einstein's
c) Punnet's
d) Lepkowski

What are the possible genotypes for a tall person
a) Tt and TT
b) tt only
c) Tt only
d) TT only

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