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What are the units for electrical work?
a) joule
b) coulomb
c) amp
d) volt

The rate of movement of electrical charge is what?
a) voltage
b) efficiency
c) current
d) work

In electrical work, the forcelike quantity is what
a) the product of current and time
b) measured in joules
c) the voltage difference
d) the pressure difference

The couomb is a unit of electrical charge that's equal to
a) one ampere
b) 6.25 times 10 to the eighteenth electrons
c) 4 joules
d) one ampere/second

The equation for electrical work is voltage times what?
a) energy
b) charge
c) current
d) volume

The equation for current is charge divided by what?
a) energy
b) time
c) voltage
d) work

A force does work on an object only when
a) it moves or changes
b) it stays stationary
c) it produces heat
d) it produces sound

What are the units on voltage difference
a) amps
b) coulombs
c) electrons
d) volts

Some electrical work is always lost due to
a) resistance
b) sound
c) light
d) poor operation

What are the units on time
a) seconds
b) minutes
c) hours
d) days

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