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This is the temperature where all particles stop moving.
a) zero Celsius
b) 32 Fahrenheit
c) zero Kelvin
d) 273 Kelvin

Objects do not move forever because of this.
a) friction
b) radiation
c) efficiency
d) temperature

Which has the MOST thermal energy?
a) a VERY HOT match
b) a marble
c) a pencil
d) a large ICE sculpture

Which of the following demonstrates electrical energy?
a) paper airplane
b) banana
c) ipod
d) firewood

The more particles something has the more ------------- ------------- it has.
a) energy transformation
b) thermal energy
c) solar energy
d) electrical energy

The movement of energy from a warmer object to a cooler object.
a) heat
b) insulator
c) light
d) convection

Moving from chemical energy to electrical energy, such as the battery from your ipod, is called energy ----------------.
a) loss
b) transformation
c) travel
d) movement

Which has the MOST thermal energy?
a) a mouse
b) a kitten
c) a goat
d) a polar bear

Water freezes at ------------- degrees Fahrenheit.
a) 30
b) zero
c) 32
d) 37

A boiling pot of water shows an example of --------------- energy.
a) convection
b) solar
c) conduction
d) radiation

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