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What book is Chester reading late one night?
a) Treasure Island
b) A Tale of Two Cities
c) The Fall of the House of Usher
d) The Mark of the Vampire

What does Chester's sweater look like?
a) yellow with 16 purple mice in cowboy hats
b) purple with 10 yellow mice in astronaut hats
c) blue with clouds and sunshines
d) he does not have a sweater

What does blight mean?
a) light
b) traveller
c) disease
d) dance party

What is DDT?
a) a poison used to kill bugs on crops
b) an herb
c) a brand of clothing
d) the name of Mrs. Monroe's law firm

Chester wanted to meet Harold in the middle of the night to...
a) show him a book about rabbits
b) show him a book about vampires
c) show him a book about parrots
d) play outside in the backyard

Who was Chester named after?
a) Mr. Monroe's favorite uncle
b) The person who found him
c) G.K. Chesterton
d) Mr. Chester th next door neighbor

Who said Today vegetables. Tomorrow...the world.
a) Harold
b) Toby
c) Bunnicula
d) Chester

What brave thing did Harold do?
a) Walked into the dark kitchen late at night
b) went surfing
c) saved Bunnicula from drowning
d) ran across the street

When Bunnicula escaped from his cage he...
a) Hopped outside to the vegetable garden
b) went to the refrigerator for a snack
c) hid under the couch where Chester and Harold could not see him
d) stared at the pendulum of the clock

What region of Romania is Bunnicula from?
a) Carpathian Mountain region
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Mount Everest
d) The vampire bunny region

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