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What two words did Chester mix up?
a) steak and stake
b) hear and here
c) by and bye
d) see and sea

What movie was Bunnicula found at?
a) The Avengers
b) Bunnicula
c) Dracula
d) Treasure Island

What book does Chester use to learn about vampires?
a) Treasure Island
b) The Hobbit
c) A Tale of Two Cities
d) The Mark of the Vampire

What is Mr. Monroe's job?
a) English professor
b) He does not have a job
c) Writer
d) Salesman

Who is the bunny vampire?
a) Harold
b) Bunnicula
c) Mr. Monroe
d) Pete

Who is the cat?
a) Harold
b) Pete
c) Bunnicula
d) Chester

Who is the dog?
a) Harold
b) Bunnicula
c) Toby
d) Chester

Why did Chester wear Mr. Monroe\'s towel?
a) He was trying to act like a vampire
b) He wanted to be like Mr. Monroe
c) He was cold
d) He wanted to be a superhero

What is Harold\'s favorite food?
a) Green sourballs
b) chocolate cupcakes with cream filling
c) peanut butter sandwich
d) Tomatoes

What book is Toby reading?
a) Bunnicula
b) A Tale of Two Cities
c) The Hobbit
d) Treasure Island

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