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Why was Bunnicula sick at the beginning of chapter 7?
a) He had the flu
b) He was starving
c) He ate some bad food
d) He was not sick

Which pet did the vet say had sibling rivalry problems?
a) Chester
b) Harold
c) Bunnicula
d) Toby

What kind of food does Harold like?
a) Green Sourballs
b) Chocolate cupcakes with cream filling
c) peanut butter sandwiches
d) tomatoes

What book is Toby reading?
a) A Tale of Two Cities
b) Bunnicula
c) The Fall of the House of Usher
d) Treasure Island

What did Mr. Monroe find in the refrigerator?
a) White tomato
b) Chocolate cake
c) steak
d) peanut butter sandwiches

What does Pete think is wrong with the vegetables?
a) Harold painted the vegetables
b) DDT
c) Bunnicula was sucking the juice from the vegetables
d) Nothing

Where did the Monroes find Bunnicula?
a) At the ice cream store
b) In front of the house
c) At the movie Dracula
d) in the garden

Who did Chester throw the water on?
a) Harold
b) Bunnicula
c) Toby
d) Mrs. Monroe

What two words did Chester confuse?
a) see and sea
b) reign and rain
c) hear and here
d) steak and stake

What did Chester use the garlic to do?
a) Keep Bunnicula in his cage
b) Make garlic bread
c) Kill Bunnicula
d) Make himself smell pretty

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