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a) fibrocartilage
b) articular
c) hyaline
d) elastic

This type of cartilage is usually found in the external ear and external auditory canal, the epiglottis, parts of the laryngeal cartilages, and the walls of the Eustachian tubes.
a) hyaline
b) elastic
c) articular
d) fibrocartilage

lipid droplets
a) lipid droplets
b) lacuna
c) ligaments
d) chondroblasts

This type of cartilage consists of alternating layers of hyaline cartilage matrix and thick layers of dense collagen fibers oriented in the direction of the functional stresses
a) fibrocartilage
b) perichondrium
c) hyaline
d) elastic

This convey small vessels into the center of the cartilage mass
a) haversian canal
b) cartilage canals
c) canaliculi
d) martrix

Hyaline Cartilage is covered by a tough, fibrous sheath of Dense Irregular Connective Tissue called the ____________
a) matrix
b) elastin
c) perichondrium
d) proteoglycan

hyaline cartilage
a) articular cartilage
b) elastic cartilage
c) fibrocartilage
d) hyaline cartilage

a) chrondoblasts
b) proteoglycan
c) chrondocytes
d) matrix

Proteoglycans, disposed in __________ of 100 or more molecules, make up the ground substance and account for solid, yet flexible, consistency of cartilage
a) proteoglycan aggregates
b) lumen
c) cartilage
d) matrix

These are composite structures which join the bones of the skeleton and, depending on the function and structure of individual joints, permit varying degrees of movement.
a) joints
b) ligaments
c) tendons
d) bones

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