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fluid release when mouth waters that is a part of mechanical and chemical digestion
a) enzyme
b) bile
c) saliva
d) digestion

process where nutrient movlecules pass through the wall of digestive system into the blood
a) absorption
b) peristalsis
c) saliva
d) enzyme

largest organ in the digestive system
a) stomach
b) liver
c) pancreas
d) large intestine

part of the digestive system where most chemical digestion takes place
a) large intestine
b) stomach
c) liver
d) small intestine

This substance works with pepsin in the stomach.
a) mucus
b) bile
c) saliva
d) hydrochloric acid

tiny finger shaped structures that cover the inner surface of the small intestine and provide a large area
a) villi
b) epiglottis
c) bile
d) enzyme

a triangular organ that lies between the stomach and the first part of the small intestine
a) liver
b) pancreas
c) gall bladder
d) bladder

A substance produced by the liver that breaks up fat particles
a) mucus
b) enzymes
c) bile
d) saliva

The organ that stores bile after it's produced by the liver
a) gall bladder
b) stomach
c) pancreas
d) liver

involuntary wave of muscle contractions that keeps food moving in one direction
a) epiglottis
b) absorption
c) anus
d) peristalsis

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