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Which of the following is NOT an example of potential energy?
a) Stretched rubber band
b) a rock on the sidewalk
c) a toy car at the top of a ramp
d) a ball about to roll down a hill

A jar of vinegar and baking soda are sealed in a bigger jar. When it is shaken, the two small jars break and mix. What would be the reaction?
a) The mass decreased because of the reaction.
b) The mass is unaffected because acid (vinegar) and baking soda do not react.
c) The mass is unaffected in a closed system.
d) The mass has increased due to the reaction.

The gas stored in a fuel tank of a car represents what kind of energy?
a) Kinectic energy
b) Potential energy
c) Nuclear energy
d) Mechanical energy

Choose the best scientific explanation of how simple machines help perform work.
a) Most simple machines are electric and do not use energy.
b) Simple machines run from computers and do not require energy.
c) Workers have to be around to make sure the wheels and pulleys do not break down.
d) Simple machines use energy transfer and friction reduction to make work easier.

A glass bottle has 500 ml of water and is capped and put over a lit candle. The molecules heat and move quickly. If the bottle is left over the heat for a long time what happens?
a) The water will boil and slowly disappear.
b) Nothing will happen as this is a closed system.
c) The glass will melt before anything will happen with the water inside.
d) The bottle might explode or the cap will shoot off as the water begins to bubble.

A roller-coaster car running up and down the hills on a track is an example of the continous transformation between which two forms of energy?
a) Kinetic and potential energy
b) Kinetic and elastic energy
c) Elastic and potential energy
d) Gravitational and elastic energy

A candle drips off a candle and forms a puddle. The wax hardens. Which describes the changes in the movement of the molecules of the candle wax as it is lit and then puddles?
a) Molecules lined up & little movement- moving free & faster not aligned-back line up little movement
b) Molecules always move at the same speed regardless of heat
c) Aligned free movement- faster movement- lined up & little movement
d) Fast movement - no movement

In January the temperature was -5 degrees Celsius. If you walk outside wearing glasses and then went in a warm building, why would your glasses fog up?
a) Heat energy transferred out of the water vapor that surrounded her glasses and water vapor condensed
b) Molecules of water began to vibrate faster and condensed on her glasses.
c) Her glasses absorbed heat energy and liquid water became steam.
d) Water vapor increased in temperature and melted into a liquid.

Alex bought ice cream on a hot day. After minutes ice cream was running down the cone. Which best explains the physical changes of the ice cream?
a) The molecules of ice cream began to vibrate slower and slip and slide past each other.
b) The molecules of ice cream began to vibrate faster and freely and the solid became a liquid.
c) The ice cream molecules dissolved in the heat from the sun.
d) The molecules of ice cream began to melt.

Thermal energy is another name for...
a) Heat
b) Magnetism
c) Movement
d) Energy

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