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An air mass from the Gulf of Mexico is labeled __________.
a) mT
b) cT
c) mP
d) cP

A cT air mass is __________.
a) warm and dry
b) cold and dry
c) cold and humid
d) warm and humid

On a weather map, _______ fronts are shown by a line with triangular points on one side.
a) cold
b) warm
c) occluded
d) stationary

An air mass that forms over a continent will be...
a) dry
b) cold
c) moist
d) warm

mP - moist and cold this means it formed...
a) over an ocean
b) over land
c) in space
d) in the core of the Earth

A front that does not move or barely moves.
a) Stationary
b) Cold
c) Warm
d) Occluded

A breeze that blows from the land toward open water.
a) Land
b) Sea
c) Mountain
d) Valley

A wind blowing from the water onto the land.
a) Sea breeze
b) Land breeze
c) Moutain breeze
d) Valley breeze

Warmest climate zone
a) Tropical
b) Arctic
c) Temperate
d) Intermediate

A large volume of air defined by temperature and water vapor content (humidity) .
a) air mass
b) front
c) stationary
d) polar

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