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Buddhism was brought to china by missionaries from
a) India
b) Japan
c) Korea
d) Egypt

The first known civilization in China was the
a) Zhou dynasty.
b) Shang dynasty.
c) Huang dynasty.
d) Ming dynasty

Who was Sima Qian?
a) a ruler during the Han dynasty
b) a scholar who wrote the history of China
c) the leader of Wudi's army
d) a trader known for his travels on the Silk Road

Which of the following is TRUE about Chinese names?
a) The family name comes before an individual's name
b) An individual's name comes before the family name.
c) An individual's name became the family name for the next generation.
d) Chinese used only the family name.

Which of the following is TRUE of how people in ancient China felt about dragons?
a) Dragons were responsible for drought
b) Dragons brought good luck.
c) Dragons were associated with mountains.
d) Dragons brought heavy rains that flooded farming areas.

What was the penalty for revealing the secrets of making silk?
a) losing a hand
b) life in prison
c) death
d) exile

The teachings of Confucius
a) were based on the forgotten teachings of people who lived before him
b) were his own ideas about how people should live.
c) helped Chinese rulers plan excellent strategies for war.
d) came to him in dreams.

Which of the following is TRUE of Confucius?
a) He was self-taught.
b) He never charged for his services.
c) He grew up in a wealthy family.
d) Chinese rulers welcomed his teachings.

The Chinese believed rulers came to power because of
a) the people's blessing.
b) their ability to command armies.
c) fate.
d) their wealth.

The Han Dynasty lasted for
a) 15 years.
b) 50 years.
c) 400 years.
d) 870 years

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