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Which answer best describes Earth’s atmosphere?
a) mostly nitrogen with about 21% oxygen
b) mostly oxygen with about 21% nitrogen
c) mostly carbon dioxide with about 21% oxygen
d) mostly nitrogen with about 21% carbon dioxide

What is the atmosphere?
a) a mixture of gases
b) mostly oxygen
c) carbon dioxide
d) the air we breathe

Why is air pressure greatest at the Earth’s surface?
a) gravity pulls gas molecules toward the surface
b) due to the pressure of oxygen
c) because of the weight of ice crystals
d) because of pollution

Air temperature changes as altitude increases because of
a) gases that absorb solar energy.
b) gravity’s pull on oxygen.
c) air pollution.
d) air pressure.

Convection is the transfer of energy
a) by the circulation of gases or liquids.
b) as electromagnetic waves.
c) as heat through a material.
d) to the atmosphere.

Air pressure decreases as what increases?
a) altitude
b) radiation
c) water vapor
d) pollution

What kind of weather does a stationary front bring?
a) many days of cloudy, wet weather
b) severe storms
c) drizzly rain followed by clear weather
d) cold, dry weather

What causes changes in weather?
a) Air masses move and meet.
b) The air gets more humid.
c) Water evaporates.
d) Clouds form.

What Is a Meteorologist?
a) Anyone who studies meteorology. Popularly, any weather reporter
b) Anyone who studies rocks.
c) Anyone who studies meteors
d) Anyone who studies water

mT brings what type of weather?
a) warm and moist
b) cool and dry
c) warm and dry
d) cool and hunid

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