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Which of the following should not be in a tagline?
a) Name
b) Address
c) Phone Number
d) Slang Terms

All of these are social networking sites except?
a) Myspace
b) Facebook
c) Twitter
d) All are networking sites

Which of the following should not be posted online?
a) Home Address
b) What you did this past weekend
c) Photos of friends and family
d) Your favorite tv show

A business card serves what purpose?
a) It gives contact information
b) It's small and easy to carry
c) No purpose
d) It's great to write notes on

What is flaming?
a) An argument online
b) A person with a temper
c) A bright light
d) A person who gets too much sun

What is trolling?
a) Fishing
b) Tempting others to engage in an argument
c) Yelling at someone
d) Ignoring somone

What should we do if we are being cyberbullied?
a) Just ignore it and hope it goes away
b) Respond back with mean messages
c) Physically threaten the other person
d) Block the user and tell someone

What is not a benefit of Social Media?
a) Easy to see what you are doing
b) Friends
c) Keeping in touch with others
d) Family

If you encounter a pop up, chances are it
a) Is Spam
b) Is true
c) Is a cyberbully
d) Is trying to distract you

Why should we be careful on Social Media websites?
a) We shouldn't be careful
b) Because Mr. Kelley said so
c) It can be harmful if we aren't careful
d) Hackers are always trying to get to you

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