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6th Grade TN Standards Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What energy change occurs when a stretched spring snaps closed?
a) potential gravitational to kinetic
b) kinetic to potential elastic
c) potential elastic to kinetic
d) kinetic to potential chemical

What kind of energy is stored in a gallon of gasoline?
a) kinetic energy
b) chemical energy
c) electrical energy
d) elastic energy

Which is the BEST conductor for electricity?
a) rubber
b) plastic
c) wood
d) silver

Which of these describes the waters of a deep current?
a) warm and dense
b) cold and dense
c) warm and not dense
d) cold and not dense

What is the main cause of surface ocean currents?
a) temperature differences
b) density differences
c) closeness to continents
d) global winds

When the first day of spring comes to the Southern Hemisphere, what day comes to the Northern Hemisphere?
a) first day of summer
b) first day of winter
c) first day of fall
d) last day of spring

Which of these describes a day?
a) one complete revolution of Earth
b) one complete rotation of Earth
c) one lunar cycle
d) one complete rotation of the sun

What kind of weather conditions should you expect when the air pressure begins dropping?
a) sunny, fair weather
b) cloudy, possibility of precipitation
c) morning fog
d) high temperatures and low humidity

When the Sun, Earth and moon are at a 90 degree angle, what can we expect to occur?
a) spring tides
b) neap tides
c) lunar eclipse
d) full moon

Which of these phases comes right before the full moon?
a) new moon
b) third quarter
c) waxing gibbous
d) waning gibbous

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