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What is "profit motive"?
a) Having a lot of money
b) The drive to make money
c) The need for money
d) Not wanting money

What is Research and Development?
a) The drive to make money
b) Researching and Deceloping
c) A problem solving approach to create a product
d) A companys asking customers questions

What is the end resulf of the design Step?
a) A product
b) A complete set of drawings
c) An idea
d) a warning label

Which is not an adcantage to doing a design anaysis?
a) Saves Time
b) Saves Money
c) Better Design
d) Less work.

When companies do R&D they typically take the following approach:
a) Focus on existing products from which they can “spinoff” new ones
b) Broad open ended search for products that may interest their consumers.
c) Reverse engineer a competitor’s product
d) Do specific, goal-oriented research.

The term R&D in a company that manufactures technological products stands for
a) Refinement and Display
b) Research and Design
c) Renovation and Deterioration
d) Research and Development

What does the term “the market’ mean?
a) a place where you buy things
b) people who will buy things
c) people who will buy things
d) the grocery store

Do do companies use the R&D process?
a) the market
b) Profit Motive
c) Goal Oriented Research
d) Better Products

During the Hazard Analyis what will happen?
a) All safety issuses are addressed
b) A warning Label is created
c) The product is made safer.
d) All of the above

How long does the R&D process last?
a) 10 months
b) 3 years
c) Forever
d) As long as the product is made.

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