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What Skills, Qualities And Experience Does It Take To Make A Good Entrepreneur?

Good at using a computer, is an example of a
a) duty
b) skill
c) quality
d) task

Enthusiasm in an entrepreneur is an example of a
a) duty
b) skill
c) quality
d) task

An example of a skill is
a) hardworking
b) good at repairing things
c) responsible
d) ambitious

An example of a quality is
a) good at writing letters
b) good at handling money
c) good at speaking to people
d) risk-taker

Which Dragon owns gyms?
a) Peter Jones
b) Theo Paphitis
c) Deborah Meaden
d) Duncan Bannatyne

Entrepreneurs must be risk takers as businesses
a) always succeed
b) always make money
c) sometimes fail
d) always fail

What business does Pauline Clifford own?
a) Sparkle Shoes
b) Star sprinkles
c) StarSparkles
d) Shoes that Sparkle

How does Pauline showcase her work?
a) TV Adverts
b) website
c) Radio Ad
d) Flyers

Which company does Fraser Docherty own?
a) Bannatyne's
b) StarSparkles
c) Kwikfit
d) SuperJam

Which of the following is a famous, but local entrepreneur
a) Peter Jones
b) Theo Paphitis
c) Sir Tom Hunter
d) Richard Branson

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