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Qin Dynasty
a) 221 B.C. to 206 B.C.
b) 618 - 907
c) 1279 - 1368
d) 960 - 1279

Dynasty during the Golden Age of China
a) Song Dynasty
b) Tang Dynasty
c) Han Dynasty
d) Ming Dynasty

Yuan Dynasty
a) Known for inventions
b) Golden Age of China
c) Unification
d) Controlled by foreigners

Tang Dynasty
a) 618 - 907
b) 960 - 1279
c) 206 B.C. - 220
d) 1368 - 1644

Opened and then Closed China
a) Tang Dynasty
b) Ming Dynasty
c) Han Dynasty
d) Song Dynasty

In power from 960 - 1279
a) Song Dynasty
b) Tang Dynasty
c) Ming Dynasty
d) Yuan Dynasty

Name of route in which goods and ideas were exchanged
a) Dragon and Eagle Road
b) Manchu Road
c) Silk Road
d) Chinese Trading Trail

What is an aristocracy?
a) Rich people do not pay taxes
b) Wealthy landowners hold government positions
c) Poor people hold government positions
d) Economy is run by men only

Highly organized body of workers with many levels of authority
a) bureaucracy
b) meritocracy
c) aristocracy
d) democracy

Test designed to determine skill level of government workers
a) Competency Test
b) Physical Fitness Test
c) Civil Service Test
d) Civilian Practice Exam

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