3rd Nine Weeks Part 3 Question Preview (ID: 13662)

Benchmark Review Part 3.

The most important cause of the Souths increased production of cotton during the early 1800s was
a) the increased number of slaves from Africa
b) Eli Whitneys invention of the cotton gin
c) better weather conditions
d) more indentured servants from Europe

The steam locomotive provided
a) quicker river transportation
b) faster land transportation
c) a need for slave labor
d) faster jet engines

The invention of the reaper had what effect?
a) farmers became more productive
b) the production of cotton increased
c) land transportation was faster
d) the amount of taxes decreased

What sign would most likely have been carried by a supporter of the suffrage movement?
a) no taxation without representation
b) ban slavery now
c) end child labor
d) equal rights for women

Elizabeth Cady Stanton worked for
a) judicial review
b) industrialization
c) acceptance of alcohol
d) the womens rights movement

Someone who organizes resources to bring a new or better good or service to the market in hopes of earning a profit is
a) inventor
b) negotiator
c) administrator
d) entrepreneur

Sojourner Truth, a former enslaved African-American, was best known as a
a) suffragette
b) explorer
c) novelist
d) philospher

Which of the following describes the North and South before the Civil War?
a) The North had many cities but the South had the largest cities
b) The South imported few goods while the North relied on imports
c) Industry in the South grew at a faster rate than industry in the North
d) Factories were widespread in the North while farms were common in the South

The Compromise of 1850 allowed which state to enter the United States as a free state?
a) New York
b) California
c) Mississippi
d) South Carolina

Which of the following events occurred first?
a) Fort Sumter was attacked
b) Lincoln was elected President
c) The Confederacy was formed
d) The Emancipation Proclamation was issued

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