3rd Nine Weeks Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 13661)

3rd Nine Weeks Review.

If a ship off the west coast of Africa followed the equator west, it would touch land in
a) Asia
b) South America
c) Europe
d) Australia

In the 1600s, a group of Separatists came to America to
a) escape religious persecution in England
b) avoid warfare with the Spanish
c) achieve prosperity in the fur trade
d) spread Catholicism to the natives

What region had shipbuilding, fishing, and naval supplies?
a) Middle Colonies
b) Chesapeake colonies
c) New England colonies
d) Southern colonies

What caused Great Britain to pass the Stamp Act in the colonies?
a) to raise money to pay for a war
b) to take over foreign trade
c) to put governors in total control
d) to give people the right to vote

What contribution did Phyllis Wheatley make to the American Revolution?
a) She wrote poems that supported independence
b) She helped African Americans escape to freedom
c) she taught soldiers in the Continental Army
d) she served as a member of the colonial legislature

The Monroe Doctrine was a warning to which group not to interfere in the Americas?
a) American Indians
b) European nations
c) rebellious colonists
d) slave owners

What territory did President Thomas Jefferson ask Meriwether and William Clark to explore?
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Texas
c) California
d) Nevada

What area is in the Northwest of the United States?
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) California
c) Oregon Territory
d) Texas

What was the significance of the Erie Canal?
a) It picked up where the transcontinental railroad left off
b) it offered transportation to Mexico
c) it allowed people to take much needed vacations
d) it provided cheaper and faster transportation

Which country did the United States get Florida from?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Holland
d) Mexico2

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