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All of the following are continents except
a) India
b) North America
c) Australia
d) Europe

Traveling across the United States from east to west, you would cross which mountains between the Great Plains and the Basin and Range?
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Alaska Mountains
d) Alps Mountains

The imaginary lines that are drawn in a north-south direction on a map are called
a) degrees
b) latitudes
c) longitudes
d) meridians

Cactus Hill in southeastern Virginia provided evidence that humans lived about 15,000 years ago
a) through the recovery and analysis of artifacts
b) through the discovery of government documents
c) by traveling to foreign lands
d) by trading with Europe

The river known as the gateway to the west that was used by early settlers is the
a) Missouri River
b) Colombia River
c) Mississippi River
d) Ohio River

Which of the following terms best describes the typical lifestyle of American Indians in the past?
a) wheat production
b) fishing, hunting, and harvesting
c) commercial industry
d) terrace farming

Poor maps and navigational tools, disease, and fear of the unknown were all
a) examples of cultural interaction
b) accomplishments of explorers
c) obstacles of exploration
d) motivations for exploring

African goods played an important role in
a) creating European empires
b) exploring eastern Asia
c) arousing European interest in world resources through trade
d) establishing industrial cultures

The first permanent English settlement in North America, 1607, Jamestown Settlement, was what type of venture?
a) political
b) economic
c) religious
d) industrial

By the mid 1700s, American colonists were unhappy with English rule because
a) England refused to protect them from the French
b) they thought the British king was weak
c) England would not buy colonial made goods
d) they had no representation in Parliament

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