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Bacteria are used for all of the following except
a) making certain foods.
b) making antibiotics.
c) cleaning up oil spills.
d) preserving fruit.

A component of proteins and DNA that is essential for all organisms is
a) carbon dioxide.
b) oxygen.
c) nitrogen.
d) methane.

More than 75% of the air is made up of
a) carbon dioxide.
b) oxygen.
c) nitrogen.
d) methane.

Many animals get nitrogen they need by
a) breathing.
b) absorbing it through their skin.
c) drinking water.
d) eating plants.

Genes from the Xenopus frog were used to produce the first
a) synthetic insulin.
b) yogurt.
c) genetically engineered bacteria.
d) antibiotics.

People who have diabetes cannot produce the ___ they need.
a) nitrogen
b) insulin
c) white blood cells
d) enzymes

Which of the following foods can be made using bacteria?
a) cheese
b) sourdough
c) sauerkraut
d) all of the answers

The bubonic plaque that killed 1/3 of Europe's population in the mid-1300s was caused by
a) pathogenic bacteria.
b) viruses.
c) archaebactia.
d) eubacteria.

Today, many bacterial diseases can be prevented with
a) antibiotics.
b) insulin.
c) vaccines.
d) endospores.

Which of the following diseases is caused by bacteria?
a) dental cavities
b) ulcers
c) tuberculosis
d) all of the answers

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