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The sentence(s) in the intro that suggests to your reader the way you're going to prove that your thesis is valid is know as the ____________________.
a) thesis
b) blueprint
c) outline
d) support

A belief held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof is...
a) opinion
b) support
c) value
d) topic

The _____________________ is the general subject of the research paper.
a) topic
b) thesis
c) tentative thesis
d) support

This is another word for "in-text citation" which is typically noted with parenthesis like the following: (Dunn 16)
a) Citation
b) Parenthetical Citation
c) Copyright Page
d) Work Cited Page

What is a preliminary sketch of what a research paper should look like?
a) Blue Print
b) Outline
c) Work Cited Page
d) Citation

A valid argument supported by facts and common knowledge is also know as a ________________________.
a) sound argument
b) report
c) tentative thesis
d) conclusion

The bulk of any paper is called the _____________________, and it contains the facts and research that will support the thesis.
a) introduction
b) body
c) report
d) conclusion

A rhetorical question is a question asked for an effect, and is intended to persuade.
c) I don't know
d) ummm...

A work cited page is found at the beginning of a research paper with sources in alphabetical order.
c) sure
d) I don't know

A ________________________ presents the results of investigation on a selected topic.
a) report
b) research paper
c) essay
d) thesis

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