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Thee event or behavior to which meaning is assigned is know as the ________________________.
a) message
b) receiver
c) attitudes
d) persuasion

Her ___________________________ was so high that she made small children cry, and it was absolutely no strain on her voice.
a) pronunciation
b) optimum pitch
c) enunciation
d) inflection

_______________________ is clear pronunciation, accent, and articulation.
a) Enunciation
b) Inflection
c) Articulation
d) Optimum Pitch

Our _______________________ are the mental framework/makeup from which we approach a situation or person.
a) beliefs
b) attitudes
c) self-concepts
d) values

Sympathy is an understand of another's feelings.
c) N/A
d) N/A

The deliberate attempt to influence the thoughts, feelings, or behaviors of another is...
a) persuasion
b) empathy
c) sympathy
d) perception

N onverbal c ommunication is/are....
a) the usage of body movements, gestures, and facial expressions rather than speech
b) the way you see yourself
c) behaviors deemed desirable or necessary to effectively interact with society
d) an experience where an individual interacts with another person

A handshake, eye contact, proper dress, posture, facial expressions and, energy levels are all examples of what?
a) social skills
b) social experiences
c) nonverbal communication
d) social comparisons

A(n) ___________________ was given at the banquet and the gala.
a) oration
b) message
c) impromptu
d) empathy

Inflection is...
a) clear pronunciation, proper accent, and articulation
b) the upward and downward glide of pitch as a person speaks
c) the combining of precisely articulated speech sound into distinct words
d) the proper usage of the tongue, palate, teeth, jaw movement, and lips to shape vocalized sounds that

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