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Where is the Roman Empire?
a) NE
b) SW
c) SE
d) NW

Why was Marcus Aurelis famous?
a) Sociology
b) Roman Numerals
c) Philosophy
d) Chemistry

What was the main reason the roads were built around Rome?
a) So that soldiers could march quickly from town to town
b) So that citizens could travel and vacation
c) So that farmers could transport their chickens to Rome
d) So that the milk could be delivered faster

Describe 3 reasons why concrete is a good building material.
a) lighter, easier to use, and requires less skill
b) lighter, dries fast, and heavier
c) heavier, dries slow, and easy to remix
d) harder, requires skill to use, and less dense

What is the most typical feature in Roman architecture?
a) rounded arch
b) columns
c) steeple
d) bridges

Who benefited from trade with Rome?
a) provincial farmers
b) tax collectors
c) soldiers
d) blacksmith

What helped spread Roman culture around 212 A.D.?
a) Allowing most free men to become citizens
b) Allowing trade at the marketplace
c) Allowing soldiers to march
d) Allowing farmers the right to plant whatever they would like

What was the difference between Greek and Roman sculpture?
a) Roman is more realistic
b) Greek is more realistic
c) Greek only showed the old and poor
d) Roman only show young and beautiful people like they would like to look

Which of the following is a modern languages that developed from Latin.
a) Spanish
b) English
c) Pig-Latin
d) Spanglish

Why do scientist still use Latin?
a) To name animals and plants
b) To use as a secret language so others can't steal their information
c) To name Plants and Cities
d) To name pets and animals

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