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Which of the following should not be in a tagline?
a) Name
b) Address
c) Phone Number
d) Making fun of someone

What is impersonation?
a) Claiming to be someone else and posting messages online
b) Ignoring somone online and laughing
c) Acting like somone else in front of people
d) Claiming to be your twin sister/brother

Which of the following should not be posted online?
a) Hat size
b) Style of clothing choice
c) Your school address
d) Your favorite tv show

A business card serves what purpose?
a) It gives contact information
b) It's small and easy to carry
c) No purpose
d) It's great to write notes on

What does SMS stand for?
a) Short message service
b) Shrugging my shoulder
c) Short multiple sayings
d) Save my seat

Which is an example of a scam?
a) Winning a lottery you didn't enter
b) Winning a prize you entered in a local raffle
c) Sending your bank account for payment for a flight reservation
d) Giving your credit card for a rental car

What should we do if we are being cyberbullied?
a) Just ignore it and hope it goes away
b) Respond back with mean messages
c) Physically threaten the other person
d) Block the user and tell someone

In the movie Cyberbully, Taylor could have prevented her situation by
a) Ignoring the comments and telling someone
b) Adding her own comments
c) Posting mean messages about her bully
d) Nothing could have been done

What is a good website to spot scams?

What is one effect of cyberbullying?
a) Low self esteem
b) Doubting yourself
c) Depression
d) All of the above

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