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What is the outer most layer of the Earth called?
a) Crust
b) Mantle
c) Inner Core
d) Outer Core

What is the very inner most part of the Earth called?
a) Inner Core
b) Outer Core
c) Crust
d) Mantle

What is the best way that scientists know about the structure of the Earth?
a) Through indirect evidence (such as seismic waves)
b) By digging into the mantle and core
c) By making guesses
d) Through the study of forces

What is the inner core made of?
a) Solid ball of metal such as iron and nickle
b) Liquid layer of metals
c) Both solid and liquid mental and rocks
d) scientists don't know what it is made of?

In the edible earth lab, why was the malt ball (whopper) a good thing to use as the core?
a) The core has two parts, just like the malt ball.
b) The core is tasty, just like the malt ball.
c) The core is all the same, just like the malt ball.
d) There is no connection between the two.

Which layer of the Earth is all liquid?
a) Outer core
b) Inner Core
c) Crust
d) Mantle

Which part is made of two types, oceanic and continental?
a) Crust
b) Mantle
c) Inner Core
d) Outer Core

Which two layers are responsible for the Earth's magnetic field?
a) Outer core and inner core
b) Outer core and crust
c) Inner core and mantle
d) There is no connection between the two.

What is the best reason why the inner core is solid?
a) A great amount of pressure causes it to be solid.
b) It is so cold that it is solid like ice.
c) It is so hot that the heat causes the inner core to become solid
d) The pressure is so low

What is the lithosphere?
a) The crust and top of the mantle
b) The middle of the mantle
c) The bottom of the mantle
d) Just the top of the crust

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