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Name a famous German painter
a) Salvador Dali
b) Paul Klee
c) Ludwig van Beethoven
d) Michelangelo

What is the outfit that men wear called?
a) Lederhosen
b) Suit
c) Overalls
d) Lenderhose

The colors on the German flag represent what?
a) Freedom and Liberty
b) Justice and Democracy
c) Freedom and Justice
d) Democracy and Freedom

In Germany's early religion they were Polytheistic, what does that mean?
a) They believe in many gods.
b) They believe in one god.
c) They do not believe in god.
d) They had no religious view.

How often do Germans usually eat bread in a day?
a) They rarely eat bread.
b) One meal.
c) Two meals.
d) Three meals.

Where is Germany located?
a) Central Europe
b) Western Europe
c) North America
d) South America

What is the most common religion in Germany today?
a) Hinduism
b) Islam
c) Christianity
d) Judaism

Who created the painting A Young Hare
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Albrecht Dürer
c) Cro
d) Paul Klee

What does the National Constitutions of Germany grant?
a) Freedom of faith and speech
b) Freedom of religion and press
c) Freedom of faith and religion
d) Freedom of speech and religion

Which was not mentioned as a strong personal value of German families?
a) Freedom
b) Strong Work Ethic
c) Family Responsibility
d) Church

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