New Mexico As A Spanish Colony Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 13645)

More Questions About Colonial Spanish New Mexico.

A Native American in a Spanish Mission might complete all of the following activities EXCEPT:
a) Plant and harvest crops
b) Construct the church and other mission buildings
c) Make pottery and other tools
d) Go on search parties to find the Cities of Gold

The top civil leader in Spanish New Mexico was the:
a) Royal Governor
b) Cabildo
c) Alcalde Mayor
d) Custodio

What was 'tribute' (in terms of the encomienda system)?
a) The amount of land that a Spanish colonist was given by the governor
b) The number of Native Americans that a Spanish colonist promised to defend
c) The tax that Native Americans had to pay Spanish colonists in exchange for defense
d) The punishment that a Native American received for practicing his native religion

How did the pueblos secretly spread the word of when their revolt was going to begin?
a) Sending around a knotted cord; the knots represented the number of days until the attack
b) Sending coded messages in shards of pottery telling the date of attack
c) Sending quick runners from pueblo to pueblo on the day of the attack
d) The pueblos did not coordinate their attack; they each acted seperately

After fleeing New Mexico during the Pueblo Revolt, how many years later did the Spaniards return?
a) Two
b) Twelve
c) Five
d) Twenty-five

During the 1600s in colonial New Mexico, a major conflict developed between:
a) The Royal Governor and the alcaldes mayores
b) The civil leaders and the religious leaders
c) Taos Pueblo and Laguna Pueblo
d) The Spanish soldiers and the Spanish farmers

What happened when Vargas tried to reconquer New Mexico?
a) He was unable to conquer the territory; another leader had to do it.
b) His entire party was killed by Pueblo warriors
c) He encounted no resistance from the Pueblos
d) At first the reconquest was peaceful, but later he had to put down several small revolts

Which of the following Spanish villas was NOT established by 1800?
a) Santa Fe
b) Farmington
c) Albuquerque
d) Santa Cruz de la Canada

Which Native American tribe arrived in NM during the 1700s and raided Spanish settlements?
a) The Comanches
b) The Navajos
c) The Apaches
d) The Lakota

Which American explorer was captured and taken to Santa Fe when he built a fort on Spanish land?
a) Brigham Young
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Zebulun Pike
d) Kit Carson

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