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If you had to present your procedures, data, and results which is the best format to do so?
a) Graph
b) Table
c) Conclusion
d) Lab Report

Which of the following are examples of decomposers?
a) Coyotes and Worms
b) Bacteria and Fungi
c) Buzzards and Fungi
d) Coyotes and Bacteria

What trophic level are decomposers found?
a) Any level
b) Primary
c) Tertiary
d) Producer

A caterpillar eating leaf litter is an example of...
a) a decomposer
b) a scavenger
c) a detritivore
d) a herbivore

During which season is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the lowest?
a) Winter
b) Spring
c) Summer
d) Fall

What happens to matter between the trophic levels?
a) It increases
b) It decreases
c) It increases and decreases
d) It stays the same

What percent of energy is passes on to the next trophic level?
a) 90
b) 10
c) 50
d) 100

What percent of energy is lost between trophic levels?
a) 90
b) 10
c) 50
d) 100

What happens to the energy not passed on to the next trophic level?
a) It disappears
b) It goes in to the ground
c) It is lost as heat
d) All energy gets passed on

Why is "Spaghetti is better than burritos" not a good hypothesis?
a) Burritos are better than spaghetti
b) It would require too many people to test it
c) You can't compare spaghetti and burritos
d) It's an opinion that can't be tested.

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